Beauty of Cheng Feng


 The beauty of giant panda Cheng Feng can be appreciated by the way she behaves. Watch her carefully, and you’ll be overwhelmed by the incomparable beauty of national treasures.


Like other giant pandas, Cheng Feng has a strong biting force due to her sturdy skull and developed masseter, so she can eat bamboo without breaking a sweat. It is when she is eating extravagantly that her beauty is emanated.


Bright eyes and white teeth


Pure and modest


Cheng Feng takes it easy by going on a stroll, or make sure to get some “me” time. She presents the epitome of moderation.




Fascinating smile


In the trees, Cheng Feng presents her beauty across a variety of gestures.


Sparkling gaze


Bright and nimble eyes


Taking it easy




Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As we seek beauty, the way we see the world becomes broader. Sometimes it takes releasing what you’ve been told and starting to ask yourself what you find beautiful. So, are you impressed by the beauty of Cheng Feng?

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