Protect the Blue Planet together with Giant Pandas, the Environmental Guardians


April 22 of this year marks the 52nd Earth Day, “Cherish the Earth: Harmonious Coexistence between Humanity and Nature” has been chosen as the publicity theme for this year’s event by the Ministry of Natural Resources. The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding responded positively and held a popular science activity with the theme “Together, We Can Restore Our Earth” at the Giant Panda Museum, and worked to protect the earth!

At the event site, popular science instructors and popular science volunteers spoke about the concept of environmental protection by introducing information about Earth Day and the current environmental statuses to tourists. Meanwhile visitors at the Base enjoyed participating in the event, listening to popular science interpretations, wearing the Little Panda Guardian badge, promising to practice daily conservation, and sharing and calling for wider participation.

This event seeks to convey the purpose of the Earth Day event, guide the public to establish an ecological concept of “respect for nature, conform to nature, and protect nature”, and encourage people to actively practice green and low-carbon lifestyles to “save resources and protect the earth”.

We have only one Earth. To protect Mother Earth, we must not only speak up, but also take action. Let’s do that together!



Poster display

Popular science instructors, volunteers, and tourists exchanging environmental protection knowledge

Tourists becoming Little Panda Guardians by promising to practice environmental protection

Tourists sharing and calling for the others to participate in conservation

Staff distributing popular science publicity materials

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