Xi Lan’s Life of Leisure


 Xi Erye, born in the US, is also known as Xi Lan, which means Joyous Atlanta, and Baide Yaosi for his extremely white fur. In 2014, he returned to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and began his life of leisure.


Black and white fur endows Xi Lan an outstanding temperament


Xi Lan loves lying on his platform to conserve energy by moving less.



Lying down slowly


Enjoying the scenery in the trees is one way he relaxes.


Xi Lan: Broader view in the trees!


Food is indispensible, too.




Xi Lan: These bamboo leaves are so appetizing!


After Xi Lan eats, he’ll find a quiet place to rest.


Resting on a stone


His contemplation spot

Among the leaves is a great place to nap




Playing at the activity site


You can feel the meandering pace of his leisurely life. In today’s fast pace world, you should slow down and relax. If you want to learn a few tips from Xi Erye to live your own life of leisure, pay a visit to the Panda Base!


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